Monday, November 12, 2012

RULE # 1: Make Googling Easy [if you want to be found]

Here is an observation for the tech savvy political conscious among us.  In a rush to get to the home page of the Kansas Democratic Party I Googled "KDP".  I did not find the Kansas Democratic Party until page 11 of that search.  What, you ask, did I discover?  Among the finds are:
Kindle Direct Publishing, Kappa Delta Pi, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (close but no cigar), KDP Studio, KDP Asset Management, the Killer Dowel Pin, Kaltura Dynamic Player, KDP, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, the Urban Dictionary's Know Dis Piece, a Kidney Disease Program, and the Kent Downtown Partnership (Kent, Washington).
Finally on page 10 of the Google search there was reference to the remarks of the  Chair of the KDP.  This was not the KDP link for which I was searching.  At best the first mention of KDP came in a collateral form. On page 20 the link to the Kentucky Democratic Party appeared.
After 50 pages of persisting through the various KDPs I concluded that you can't get to the Kansas Democratic Party by Googling KDP.  In the cyber world grammar is a lost art and spelling a casualty of convenience; speed and instant gratification are de rigueur. 
The KDP, meaning the Kansas Democratic Party, needs to refine its cyber brand.
Now I forget what is was that I wanted to know from the Kansas Democratic Party.  I am going to check out the Kurdistan Democratic Party instead.