Friday, May 21, 2010


Twenty days remain for someone to file for the Democratic nomination in Kansas' Second Congressional District.  The district is currently represented by Lynn Jenkins and deserves a whole lot better.  If you are a health insurance corporate executive, own a payday loan company (legalized loansharker), benefit from an exorbitant executive pay and bonus package from a Wall Street Bank bailed out by TARP, or otherwise belong to the upper echelons of America's wealthies persons, then Jenkins is your gal.

Jenkins has voted against every attempt to reign in Wall Street bonuses and golden parachutes. 

Jenkins voted against reforming health care.  Apparently the same health care plan she enjoys as a member of Congress is not, in her opinion, good enough for you.  Health Care Reform will extend coverage to 95% of all Americans, brings greater accountability to keep premiums down, allows families to keep their kids on the parents' plans as they transition into adulthood, and will cut the deficit by over $100 Billion in the first decade and over $1 Trillion in the second decade.

Jenkins prefers to be the voice of the Insurance Industry rather than represent the people of Kansas' Second.  When the overwhelming sense of the Congress was that it is time for the Health Insurance Industry to lose its exemption from our Anti-Trust Laws, Jenkins was only one of 19 House Members to side with the big money.  That was Roll Call 64 of the current Congressional session on H.R. 4626, the Health Insurance Fair Competion Act.

Jenkins voted against the law that mandates that all persons get paid the same without regard to gender.  That's right, even though Jenkins voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, she did not give back a huge percentage of her salary because she is a woman. 

Jenkins voted against the Childrens Health Insurance Program.  She also voted against the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.  At least she is consistent. 

Lynn Jenkins is anti-kids, anti-women, anti-working folk, anti-seniors, and pro-big business, pro-golden parachutes, and pro-health insurance companies being able to deny coverage, raise premiums, and overpay themselves.  Lynn Jenkins doesn't represent me.

Will a real Democrat please step forward?

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