Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Democratic Standard-Bearer Cheryl Hudspeth

Cheryl Hudspeth is the Democratic nominee for Congress from Kansas' Second Congressional District. She defeated Sean Tevis and Tom Koch. Koch and Hudspeth were keeping it close until Tevis made a last minute surge to secure second place. Hudspeth received 9,945 votes, to Tevis' 8,022 votes, and Koch ended up with 4.536 votes with 98% of the precincts reporting.

Lynn Jenkins has a war chest full of corporate cash with which to wage the general election campaign. Cheryl Hudspeth has a hope chest full of the things from which dreams are made. The Democrats move into this campaign badly underfunded.

In a general election campaign that can best be described as David v. Goliath, Cheryl Hudspeth is showing savvy by transforming a conventional negative into an unconventional positive. At the bottom of her candidacy's home page,, she runs the following tag setting the money difference between she and Lynn Jenkins: "The Hudspeth 2010 Campaign is proud to be 100% corporate sponsor free."

Lynn Jenkins has done an incredibly poor job representing real people in Kansas' Second Congressional District. She voted against equal pay for women. She's voted numerous times against any control or restraint on Golden Parachutes. She voted against SCHIP, the children's health insurance program. She was one of only 19 shills for the Insurance Industry to vote against stripping the antitrust exemption from Health Insurance Companies. She claims to be for all of the above on an energy plan and consistently votes against green measures. She takes money from and supports Predatory Lenders. Lynn Jenkins' campaign has lined her pockets with special interest money.

Cheryl Hudspeth can win, dreams can come true. If Sean Tevis and Tom Koch remain committed to seeing Corporate Representative to Congress Lynn Jenkins replaced by a Compassionate Caring Democrat they will continue to fight with Cheryl Hudspeth.

Sean Tevis offers technical wizardry, panache, and youthful enthusiasm which will invigorate Hudspeth's candidacy. Tom Koch provides well reasoned ideas, and the willingness to travel those concepts, which speak to the interests of regular people in Kansas' Second Congressional District. The simple fact is that Democrats need all three of these former rivals to become a team.

For her part Cheryl Hudspeth needs to hit the campaign trail early and often. Her campaign must provide regular and frequent press releases highlighting her daily message, rebutting Lynn Jenkins, and persuading voters why she is the better choice. Lynn Jenkins' record is clear. I say carry Lynn Jenkins' record to the people and make her defend her representation of corporate wealth.

College Democrats and Kansas' Young Democrats can make the difference in Cheryl Hudspeth's candidacy. Although the Republican opponent can outspend Hudspeth in radio and television, College Democrats and Kansas' Young Democrats can provide the needed muscle to register voters, go door to door, and, as Sarah Silverman hs taught us, schlep their grandparents to the polls. College Democrats and Kansas' Young Democratsare vital to defeating Lynn Jenkins.

Sarah Silverman


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  1. Thank you! I appreciate your enthusiasm. The campaign continues to be corporate sponsor free. If we are to change the culture of Washington we have to get the money out. The sum of Lynn Jenkins' accomplishments in Congress is her haul of special interest money into her reelection campaign account.
    I do offer this correction to the primary election outcome.
    Final result are: Hudspeth 10,030, Koch 8,086, Tevis 4,579.
    While Democratic voter turn out was low, I am encourage that 57% of all ballots cast were against the incumbent. This is a winnable race. Please sign-up to volunteer at
    Cheryl Hudspeth
    Democratic Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives
    Kansas 2nd District