Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is Lynn Jenkins she does not represent us.

According to Webster's Dictionary addiction is "being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming." Addiction experts tell us addicts are powerless over the source of their addictions. That powerlessness is what prevents the addictive personality from knowing when to say when or that enough is enough.

Lynn Jenkins, as of July 14th, hauled in over a million dollars from Fat Cats, Corporations, and their PACs. Her opponent has pledged not to take a single cent of corporate cash. There is zero probability that Lynn Jenkins needs more money to battle Cheryl Hudspeth. Absolute zero probability. So is that when to say when? Is that knowing that enough is enough?

Either having a million dollar to nothing edge isn't enough or Lynn Jenkins is addicted to the lifestyle in D.C.'s cash rich fast lanes. Having benefited from at least 18 prior fundraisers Jenkins left Kansas and like a junkie needing a hit had another party. This time the venue was Washington's posh Acadian Restaurant.

The Acadian Restaurant in Washington

Neither you or I received an invitation to this, or any of the other Jenkins' cash craving carousals. Those who benefit from her legislative votes are the ones on the guest list. Lynn Jenkins won't ask working women to her parties because Jenkins voted against Lilly Ledbetter, the new law that mandates equal pay for women doing equal work. Jenkins also voted against kids getting health coverage under SCHIP. So the parents of America's neediest kids, those who are at or up to 300% of the poverty line, they didn't get invited either.

Then she had another party, this time at the townhouse of  D.C. lobbying firm Williams and Jensen.  That one was sponsored by the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers PAC. 

This firm now represents Lynn Jenkins.  Who represents us?

No doubt the Wall Street Fat Cats, Yuppie Scum Predatory Lenders, and the Big Wheels from the Health Insurance Companies, Banks, and Accounting Firms came with another load of loot for Lynn. That's because Lynn Jenkins votes for these folks.

Lynn Jenkins voted several times to do nothing about those Golden Parachutes being paid out of taxpayer money. She voted against letting shareholders have a mandatory binding vote on exorbitant executive pay practices, H.R. 3269.  She voted against a bill allowing the Treasury Secretary  prohibit financial institutions from paying excessive executive pay from taxpayer money, H.R. 384 and H.R. 1664. She consistently voted against restraints on executive pay for Big Bankers while the Big Banks are being Bailed Out! H.R. 3269 contained one weak provision permitting non-binding shareholder votes on Golden Parachutes, which Lynn Jenkins voted against.

Then Lynn Jenkins had another party, I guess that's more than 20 since she's became a regular on the D.C. party circuit.  This one was hosted by an enabler, Illinois Republican Representative Judy Biggert.  When is enough enough?

Illinois Republican Representative Judy Biggert. 

She was one of only 19 Members of the House voting to continue the anticompetitive trade practices of Health Insurance Companies. Jenkins voted to continue the antitrust exemption for the Health Insurance Industry.

Now Lynn Jenkins is laden with corporate cash. But she wants more. Each dollar she gets makes her more and more beholden to those who pay her way.

Cheryl Hudspeth is not taking a cent of corporate cash.  Cheryl Hudspeth is only beholden to the people of Kansas' Second Congressional District. Elect Cheryl Hudspeth to Congress.  You'll be glad you did.

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