Friday, October 1, 2010


Alaska's late Senator Ted Stevens

Perhaps Global Warming will have its epitaph written as a legacy of the late Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Alaska's Tea Party Challenged  - write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski has introduced Memorial Legislation to honor Ted Stevens, S. 3820. A companion bill, H.R. 6197, has been introduced to the House by Alaska's Republican Representative Don Young.

An extremely large component of their bills is the 8,340 square miles to be designated the "Ted Stevens Icefield." The proposed area includes the Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Nelchina, Tazlina, Valdez, and Shoup Glaciers.

The late Alaskan politician was once known for his opposition to Global Warming. In 2007 he reversed course recognizing that human contributions to climate change pose a serious threat to the environment.

Irony is alive and well in his proposed commemoration. Just as Senator Stevens advanced and retreated in his views on anthropogenic climate change, so do the glaciers in his geographical cenotaph shows signs of both advance and retreat.

The Harvard glacier is advancing. Alaska's Yale, Columbia, Nelchina, Tazlina, and Valdez glaciers, all within the 8,340 square mile designation, are retreating.

Ted Stevens finally figured it out. Let's hope more living Republicans can embrace the light of science.

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