Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is Lynn Jenkins, she does not represent us

Lynn Jenkins wouldn't know the truth if it walked up to her, looked deeply into her eyes, and gave her a long tender kiss on that lying mouth of hers. She just lacks the capacity to discern and convey truth. She is full out, and in the terms of steam technology, balls to wall when it comes to spewing propaganda.

Jenkins represents the problem with Washington. Rather than be honest about the contents of any given law, or bill, or proposal, our Members of Congress go straight to lobbyist prepared talking points. The cadre of spin doctors frame the debate so that future campaign funds can be solicited.

Take a look at Look up Lynn Jenkins. Look at the tens of thousands of dollars she gets from Health Insurance Companies. Then weigh that cash against her votes. When it comes to serving the people of the Second Congressional District she comes up short. When it comes to serving the richest of the rich, serving the corporate interests, and following the party line Jenkins is a super star.

Today Lynn Jenkins left a questionnaire in my e mail. She asks  "Do you support the repeal of the new Government run health care package?" And that question my friends is a pile of pure propagandized poop, because America does not have a new Government run health care package to repeal.

From today's Washington Post:

"Certainly, the law bolsters government regulation of the health-care system, such as forcing insurance companies to no longer deny coverage to people who have existing medical conditions. People who do not have insurance will be required to buy it. But the core of the health-care system in the United States will remain the private insurance market."
Read the full article at:

Another tidbit about Jenkins' survey is the requirement to subscribe to her newsletter. Consider that as she cites the results of the poll. She is primarily polling her base. Polls lacking proper statistical foundation are good only for the purposes of propaganda.

The other day I told a friend that I'd like to be represented in Congress by someone like Gabby Giffords of Tucson. When asked why I had to explain that Giffords, unlike Jenkins, has half a brain. How true it is.

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