Thursday, May 26, 2011


MIND BOGGLING, Lynn Jenkins in Campaign 2010 described Eric Cantor as America's Next Great White Hope. Never mind the blatant racism, just think about what Cantor thinks about those of us who live in or near Kansas' Second Congressional District. He thinks that when our cities are obliterated by Mother Nature, called Acts of God, that we can well be on our own.

Cantor says that there can be no federal relief for Joplin until we find budget offsets first. That's right, Jenkins' Great White Hope is using the pain and suffering of Joplin as a political football.

Republicans like Cantor and Jenkins have worked tirelessly to make sure that America's most wealthy get to keep paying little to no taxes while demanding that we can no longer afford Medicare. These Republicans now want to let an entire American city go to oblivion, being held hostage to their radical agenda.

Missouri's Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill said: "There is no question we have to be careful about the way we spend federal money, but with all due respect to Congressman Cantor, I have a hard time believing that if this were in his congressional district he would be talking about how additional disaster relief would not be available unless we found some other program to take it from"

Missouri's Republican Senator, Roy Blunt, echoed McCaskill telling Cantor to find the offsets. Politico reported the Senator's statement: "We need to prioritize spending, and this needs to be a priority. I’m sure Eric [Cantor] will help find the necessary off-sets."

In the end Lynn Jenkins' Great White Hope, Eric Cantor, caved to the pressure. He "Our hearts are w/ victims of #Joplin tragedy. House #GOP ready to help & has found offsets for emergency $$$". Cantor suddenly found the offsets.

Southwest Missouri auctioneer and Representative to Congress, Billy Long, responded to Cantor's tweet saying "Our deficit is not because we are taxed too little but because Washington spends too much. I was sent to Washington to rein in wasteful government spending. While we need to look everywhere to make spending cuts, making sure our first responder, disaster relief, and national defense communities have the tools they need will always be a priority while I am in Congress."

Talk about double talk. HEY BILLY what will you give me for an EF5? Our deficit is because too many American corporations pay little to no taxes. Our deficit is because the effective tax rate of the richest Americans is at the lowest point in our nation's history." Our deficit is because American jobs have been shipped overseas. We can learn from history.  Do you recall how Give 'em Harry watched the way we spent our dollars when he was in the Senate? Harry Truman showed us how during World War II.

For her part Lynn Jenkins has managed to not say a word about Joplin. Some leadership!

Meanwhile the Topeka hate group masquerading as a Baptist church plans to protest in Joplin. This may be the wrong town at the wrong time for the Wierdos from Westboro. Knowing Southwest Missouri as I do, well let me say that the Phelps Clan best be prepared to meet their Maker.

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