Friday, June 3, 2011


John Edwards
Former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee and candidate for President, John Edwards, has been indicted by a federal Grand Jury from the Middle District United States District Court of North Carolina.
It is alleged that Edwards used money from his failed primary campaign for the Democrat's 2008 Presidential nomination as a slush fund to pay off his mistress.  The lady in question is Rielle Hunter, she and Edwards produced a child from their illicit union.
The Washington Post's Jerry Markon reported "[t]he indictment, returned by a federal grand jury in North Carolina, says the illegal contributions paid for Hunter’s living and medical expenses, along with travel needed to shield her from reporters. Prosecutors said this violated federal election laws that limit individual contributions to a campaign and require reporting of donations."
John Edwards was a man of promise and potential.  Like many politicians who are unable to keep their pants zipped up, Edwards presented himself as a solid family man.  He was flying under false colors. He is in a heap of trouble now.
David Vitter
Infidelity and sexual indiscretion do not necessarily spell the end of a two-timing politician's career.  For reasons I do not understand the good citizens of Louisiana sent a notorious whore monger, David Vitter, back for another term.  Perhaps those living in the Bayou State felt their families were better keeping Vitter at a distance.   Vitter too flies under false colors, presenting himself as a Christian with strict moral values on the topic sexual mores.  Vitter demanded President Clinton's resignation after the Lewinski scandal.  Vitter reversed course when his sexual addiction to prostitutes became public.
Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was also engaged in a meretricious relationship when he led House Republicans to impeach President Clinton.  Gingrich continues to covet the presidency.  I don't know if  he persists in cheating on his current wife.
Vitter and Gingrich had the good sense not to pay anyone off.  Edwards, whose brilliant legal career launched his political career, showed bad judgment if the allegations in the indictment are true.
John Esign
John Edwards' being charged in a criminal complaint must be giving former Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign a bout of insomnia.  It is alleged that Ensign, like Edwards, crossed the line in the payoff  for his extramarital affair with a staffer.  Ensign, some claim, was playing Nookie Hookey with a staffer whose husband, the alleged cuckold, was likewise employed by Ensign.  Money, it is reported, was paid to the former staffers from Ensign's enabling parents and Ensign got the alleged cuckold a job lobbying the Senate in apparent violation of federal law.
Harry Truman at the piano
I shed no tears for Edwards or Ensign.  I have no respect for Vitter or Gingrich.  I  am a liberal Democrat who looks at these things the way Harry Truman did.  Harry  said he had to make a choice early in life to be either a piano player in a whorehouse or become a politician.  Harry claimed fidelity to Bess but said he didn't blame any bee for getting a little honey on his stinger.  Truman said he saw little difference between playing piano in the bordello and professional politics.
Jimmy Carter
We can learn a lesson from our last Baptist Sunday School Teacher President.  Yes, Democrat Jimmy Carter admitted that he lusts after women, in his heart, everyday.  The difference between the moral Mr. Carter and Edwards, Ensign, Gingrich, Vitter, and others of their ilk is that Jimmy didn't act on his baser instincts. 
Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman flew under true colors.    

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