Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am a Democrat because there is no Sinn Féin in Kansas

When asked why I am a Democrat I often respond : "because there is no Sinn Féin in Kansas.  That sentiment is not born of dry wit.  Sinn Féin is an Irish political party with roots to the Provisional Irish Republican Army.  This is not an aloof set of intellectuals dealing with theory.  Sinn Féin is integrally connected to the well being of the Irish people.  Democrats need to open an eye and lend an ear, because in America we are to be the political party on the front lines in the battle for economic justice, civil rights, and the proposition that government exists to serve the people, not just the rich people, the corporations, but all of the people.
When I call for Democrats to open their eyes and lend their ears, let me offer an example.  Young Democrats need to pay particular attention to this.  Mary Kate Quinn is a young lady from the  Crumlin Glenavy area of Northern Ireland (Lagan Valley).  She ran for Northern Ireland's Assembly back in May.  She didn't win, seems that the district boundaries were changed.  That makes me wonder what Kansas' Congressional Districts will look like after redistricting.
Like Kansas Democrats, Mary Kate Quinn did not win.  But she vows to continue the work.  Here is a video clip of Mary Kate Quinn, watch this and tell me if you also are only a Democrat because there is no Sinn Féin in Kansas.

Next, I'll give you a look at the youngest ever Lord Mayor of Belfast, from East Belfast Sinn Féin's Niall O'Donnghaile. 

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