Friday, March 23, 2012

Kansas is Redistricting

If you have been having a difficult time trying to follow Kansas' efforts at redistricting you are not alone.  The Kansas Legislative Research Department is trying to clarify the process for you.  Their site,, takes you to maps showing you the current districts.  That's good for a starting point.  When we get into discussions about this city being placed in a district with that city, it is good to see how things are now.  To see the current districts click on the button called "plans" which takes you to the plans page.  Select current plans and you'll see the current map.

If you want to see the proposed plans you can click on that button as well.  There are eight proposed plans.  Click on the plans and go page by page through the PDF to get not only the big picture but also detail on counties where the boundary lines are shifting. For instance the map M5  _ ELLA JEAN for KLRD TR, by Holton Republican Representative Trent Ladoux takes Linn County away from the Second Congressional District and puts it in the First Congressional District.  Emporia's Republican Representative Peggy Mast wants Louisburg and Bucyrus to be carved out of the Second Congressional District and placed in the Third Congressional District with Johnson County and Wyandotte County in what she is calling the M5 _ Capitol 1 map.

Thus far it looks like the Eisenhower B plan which put Kansas City, Kansas and Dodge City, Kansas in the same district has been withdrawn.  The Kansas House appears to have said no to the Capitol 1 map earlier this week.

There is another button on the plans page and it is for draft plans.  These are plans that have not made it through the review process and there are twenty-six draft plans for Congressional Districts.

If redistricting is not completed by May 10th the filing deadline for U.S. House, Kansas House and Senate, and State Board of Education will be June 10th.  If the redistricting is completed before May 10th the deadline for those offices is June 6th.  All pertinent election calendar dates are on the Kansas Secretary of State website at

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