Saturday, October 13, 2012

Report to Miami County, Kansas on Impact of Gutting Title X Funding

This is what the Board of County Commissioners [BOCC] knew, or should have known, before voting to gut Title X funding for Miami County, Kansas.  And yes, when the report talks about "terminated pregnancies" it means abortions, not spontaneous miscarriages.  The economic impact on the county is catastrophic and the humanitarian impact on lower income women and children is despicable.


  1. Are there any women commissioners?

  2. There are no women on the Miami County, Kansas Board of County Commissioners. One lady, Callie Benton, is running for District 2 Commissioner against Bonnie "Rob" Roberts. Roberts is a man. Will Cutburth is running against George Pretz, the Commissioner that led the effort to gut Title X funding.