Thursday, January 12, 2012

Arizona v. United States Docket No., 11-182 And the legal issue before the Court is......

The Merit Brief from Arizona has not yet been posted on the American Bar Association's website previewing Supreme Court cases,
The ABA provides a look at the legal issue the Court will review in what is called the Question Presented.

Arizona enacted the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (S.B. 1070) to address the illegal immigration crisis in the State. The four provisions of S.B. 1070 enjoined by the courts below authorize and direct state law-enforcement officers to cooperate and communicate with federal officials regarding the enforcement of federal immigration law and impose penalties under state law for non-compliance with federal immigration requirements.

The question presented is whether the federal immigration laws precludes efforts at cooperative law enforcement and impliedly preempt these four provisions of S.B. 1070 on their face.

In other words, was Arizona helping federal officials or were they meddling?

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