Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DONNY BOX ON The Secret That Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You to Know

I haven't seen my cousin Donny Box in years, maybe two or three times in the last twelve years.  Last night I went upstairs to watch the Ed Shultz show.  Ed was speaking to a lady, a union worker, about Mitt Romney calling members of the National Labor Relations Board "union stooges". 

The screen panned out and Ed was in the middle and the union lady was to his right.  I was looking at the man on the left and thought out loud "that looks like Donny".

Well it was Donald Eugene Box, Jr. and he was on the Ed Schultz Show because he stars in an anti-Romney campaign ad sponsored by MoveOn.org.
It is a damn good ad because it rings true. 

Once upon a time, when Donny and I were kids, Kansas City was home to Armco Steel, Union Wire Rope, GM's Body by Fisher plant in Leeds, Trans World Airlines, and the TWA overhaul base at the newly constructed MidContinent International Airport (KCI), and we used to employ telephone operators - a lot of telephone operators.  Those engines of Kansas City's economy are gone.  Gone too are all the businesses that supported those businesses.  The diners, stores, utility workers, the secondary manufacturers that supplied parts to these businesses are all gone.  Killing those jobs killed the multiplier effect each dollar formerly earned had on Kansas City's economy. When Big Business got rid of these union jobs they sucked the economic vitality out of Kansas City. 

Gone too is the accreditation of the Kansas City Missouri School District.  When manufacturing leaves prosperity leaves, when prosperity leaves poverty comes to town, when the people are poor they don't have money for good schools. If you want to fix Kansas City take the abandoned factories under eminent domain, give them to manufacturers who will, by written promise, hire union workers, and by contract make them pay their taxes, share their profits with the workers, and forfeit their assests if they try to move the plant anywhere but Kansas City.  That will fix the problem with the School District.

Donny Box became the face of the forgotten American, the one left behind when Mitt Romney and Bain Capital rapaciously slaughtered ARMCO Steel.  Donny Box was right in relaying a friend's opinion; if Romney is elected he will take America apart, piece it out, and sell it to the higest bidder. 

Here is the link to the Donny Box video at MoveOn.org:
The Secret That Mitt Romney Doesn

And here is the YouTube clip:

Here is another version of the MoveOn.org ad with Donny along with his co-worker and friend from ARMCO Glen Patrick Wells.

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