Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Elitism, cronyism, and an invitation to at least the appearance of impropriety, if not impropriety lies at the heart of Kansas House Bill 2452.  This bill gives the Governor a dozen golden tickets to dispense to his pals for big game hunting in Kansas.

The current fee charged by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism for a nonresident white-tailed deer permit is $322.50.  A dozen of these permits costs $3,870.  If the Governor wants to have his rich buddies, and I hope he goes hunting with former Vice President Dick Cheney, come to Kansas to exchange their big bucks for our big bucks, then he can have them pay their way.  Either way he's going to get their big bucks!
Another bad idea comes in the form of H.B. 2460 which wants to eliminate employer contributions to KPERS for the first year of an employee's contribution.  Currently, the employer is paying 7% of the amount the employee contributes in the first year. 

Elitist Republicans want to nickel and dime KPERS participants, state workers, and give the Governor a dozen big game permits for his cronies. 

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