Saturday, July 3, 2010


Follow the Money!

This is a list of Lynn Jenkins 21 top contributors.

1.   QC Holdings, a pay day rip off company, $49,500

2.   Wish List, a Pro-Choice Republican Women's Group, $22,797

3.   Freedom Project, a Republican Leadership PAC, $20,000

4.   Colt Energy, an Oil & Gas company, $18,550

5.   Crossland Construction, a large General Contractor, $18,300

6.   American Bankers Association, Fat Cat Bankers, $18,000

7.   Credit Union National Association, not for profit bankers, $16,400

8.   Koch Industries, a Wichita based conglomerate, $15,500

9.   Republican Main Street Partnership, Republican Leadership PAC, $15,500

10. IBT, Inc., an industrial supply company, $15,200

11. Every Republican is Crucial Pac, a Republican Leadership PAC, $15,000

12. Price Waterhouse Coopers, Fat Cat Auditors, $15,000

13. American Institute of CPA's, professional association, $14,999

14. American Society of Anesthesiologists, Doctors, $14,500

15. Aiva USA, Fat Cat Insurance Co., $14,300

16. Emmental Inc, Telecommunications Holding Co., $14,000

17. Russell Stover Candies, Candy Company, $13,800

18. Hallmark Cards, Greeting Card Company, $13,750

19. Kansas State Bank, Fat Cat Bankers, $12,600

20. Ash Grove Cement, Concrete Company, $12,350

21. Berexco, Inc., Oil & Gas company, $12,350

That's $347,396, 3 Republican Leadership Pacs, 2 Oil and Gas Companies, 4 Fat Cat Entities, a half dozen large to super large companies, and a handful of other business interests, the Pro-Choice Republican ladies, and of course her top contributor is engaged in the legalized loansharking business - it runs a chain of Pay Day Loans Centers. Lynn Jenkins votes to keep business unregulated because that's where her money comes from. As I've said before if you gave her lots of money she'd vote your interests too!

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