Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is Lynn Jenkins, she does not represent us

H.R. 5618, the Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act, passed the House on roll call 423. This time the bill only needed a simple majority to pass. It got it by a margin of 270 to 153.

Lynn Jenkins and the Party of No voted against extending unemployment compensation during this period epitomized by long term joblessness, jobs lost to the shame of reckless Republican economic policies. Despite the fact that the one thing guaranteed to stimulate the economy, unemployment benefits, they say no. More money goes directly out of the unemployment check and into the rippling effect of local economies than any other source of income, because these people cannot save. These unemployed Americans are on the brink of economic disaster. But apparently the callous plan on the part of the Republican think tank is to keep the economy stagnant, something at which they excel, and hope angry voters return them to power.

Bush Era Tax Cuts, Economic Downturn, and War Cause Deficits

Lynn Jenkins and the Party of No say we cannot afford to keep the safety net in place for those who have lost their jobs. Clearly the Bush Era Tax Cuts, the dismal regulatory effort by the S.E.C. during the Bush Administration, and the insanity of deregulating the financial markets created this catastrophe. And what does the Party of No do, they say no.
The major flaw in their logic is that saying no is not governing. Why would we hand the reins of government over to those who have abdicated their duty?

Senator Pat Roberts, on the left, at a fundraiser

H.R. 5618 waits for the Senate to return from its summer recess. Republican Senators are too busy to worry about people without jobs. Kansas' Senior Republican Senator, Pat Roberts, is hosting his Annual Napa Valley Trip. From the  2008 blurb in the Bay Area GOP Newsletter, http://www.bayareagop.com/Newsletter_HTML/2008-08_newsletter.html:

Sen. Pat Roberts Napa Valley Wine Tour: Saturday, August 2

You are cordially invited to join U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) for a Napa Valley wine tour. Cost: $2000 per person. Sponsorship opportunities also available. For more information, please contact Dana Harris at danah@bellwethergroup.net or 202-223-7055. This year it will cost $5,000 to be a PAC Host for this event, a PAC Attendee is only $3,000 and the individual rate remains $2,000.
That pretty much says what Pat Roberts' is all about, no time for the unemployed, but give him two grand (or more) and see what happens over the Chardonnay!  Is it any wonder that Lynn Jenkins became a Party Girl?  Under the tutelage of Republicans like Pat Roberts she was bound to jump into the GOP Money Pit feet first!

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