Friday, July 30, 2010


Bartlett & Co., formerly # on the list of contributors for Lynn Jenkins, has fallen off her list. A review of Bartlett & Co. on Open Secrets shows only that they are the top contributor for these five politicians:

Mission, Kansas' James B. Hebenstreit, Bartlett & Co. President, is reported as having given $30,400 to the National Republican Congressional Committee [NRCC]. Among his other contributions are three contributions of $2,400 each to Lynn Jenkins [6/30/09, 6/30/09, 12/31/09]. Marilyn Hebenstreit has given Lynn Jenkins $4,400.
• Bartlett & Co. to Christopher "Kit" Bond (R) in 2010
• Bartlett & Co. to Sam Brownback (R) in 2010
• Bartlett & Co. to David Dreier (R) in 2008
• Bartlett & Co. to Jerry Moran (R) in 2008
• Bartlett & Co. to Sam Graves (R) in 2006
The NRCC is reporting having raised $75,531,984 for the 2010 election cycle. The Democrats counterpart to the NRCC is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, [DCCC] and they have raised $93,706,323 to date according to Open Secrets.

Mr. Hebenstreit and his firm, Bartlett & Co. certainly appear to have given enough money to Lynn Jenkins to remain included on the list of her largest donors.

The Credit Union National Association donation to Lynn Jenkins is now up to $10,000, up from $6,400. The Credit Union National Association has given a total of $326,510 to Members of the House Committee on Financial Services, Lynn Jenkins' committee.

Legg Mason is a PAC for Security Brokers and Investment Companies. In the data gap that occurs between reporting cycles Legg Mason is reported as having not made any candidate expenditures for 2010, through 6/30/10. Yet the latest report on Lynn Jenkins, 7/11/10, shows Legg Mason has given Lynn Jenkins $9,600. That's the same amount Bartlett & Co. gave Lynn Jenkins. Is this a data entry error? What happened to Bartlett & Co. and when did Legg Mason's money get reported?

The American Bankers Association have given Lynn Jenkins another $2,000. She has now taken $10,000 from them. Gosh, no wonder she votes against eliminating Golden Parachutes.

A new entry to Lynn Jenkins' heavy hitter hit parade now shows up with $7,000 in hand for her. Accounting giant Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu . From Open Secrets comes this summary of this Big Four Accounting Firm:

Now you see $7,000 more reasons why Lynn Jenkins voted against the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act twice. She voted against regulating the culprits that brought down our economy on 12/11/09 during roll call 968. She voted against the bill again on 6/30/10 during roll call 41. The new law, Public Law 111-203, permits recovery of exorbitant executive compensation, including Golden Parachutes, from Fat Cats at failed financial firms. Lynn Jenkins talks against Golden Parachutes but votes to keep Golden Parachutes.
Deloitte & Touche is one of the remaining Big Four accounting firms and once offered its clients one-stop shopping for accounting, consulting and other financial services. But the collapse of Enron and its resulting fallout for the accounting industry forced the firm to rethink its business strategy. In spring 2002, Deloitte & Touche announced it would spin its consulting business into a separate company. Like other firms, however, the company has continued to lobby against bills that would strengthen oversight of the industry and further restrict the auditing/consulting relationship between firms and their clients. Yet the industry’s troubles continue to mount. In September 2002, federal investigators began to probe Deloitte & Touche for its role in a bookkeeping scandal at Adelphia Communications, one of the firm’s biggest clients.

More new donors make their appearance with the new reporting cycle. The National Association of Realtors chip in with $5,000 in PAC money for Lynn Jenkins. Burlington Northern Santa Fe's PAC also gives Lynn Jenkins $5,000. American Crystal Sugar's Pac gives Lynn Jenkins $5,000. The American Association of Orthodontists PAC gives Lynn Jenkins $5,000. The National Association of Home Builders PAC gives Lynn Jenkins $5,000. The Majority Committee PAC, a PAC that gets its money from other PACs, gives Lynn Jenkins $5,000.

Fat Cat money just keeps oozing Lynn Jenkins way.

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