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The Cost of Not Having Health Insurance

The real cost of health care reform, the cost we need not pay, is 80 lives lost. 

From the Congressional Record came this stunning report. 

[Congressional Record: November 4, 2009 (House)]
[Page H12350-H12352]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker's announced policy of
January 6, 2009, the gentleman from Florida (Mr. Grayson) is recognized
for 60 minutes.

Mr. GRAYSON. Mr. Speaker, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, our
[[Page H12351]]
President, often pardoned people who had been convicted of treason. You may wonder why he did that. The answer is he saw death all around him in the Civil War, and he wanted to make sure he did nothing to add to it, so he pardoned people who had been found guilty of the most grievous crime one could commit in this country simply because he loved life.

In the same way, I would like to think whether I leave here after 2 years or 20 years, that there will be no blood on my hands. That is why I am against the war in Iraq, that is why I am against the war in Afghanistan, and that is why I am so much in favor of health care reform that saves lives in America.

We had a different kind of President for 8 years recently, and we had a different kind of administration, an administration that was willing to bear any degree of suffering and pain as long as it was somebody else's. If you were homeless, it was your fault; if you were jobless, it was your fault; and if you died because you had no health insurance, that was your fault.

Now that administration is out of power. We, the American people, removed them because they abused it. But they have left behind in the House and in the Senate people who feel much the way that they did.Recently, a Harvard study published in a peer review journal, the American Journal of Public Health, announced that 44,789 Americans die every single year because they have no health insurance.In America today, if you find two people who are physically identical, same race, same age, same gender, same smoking habits, same weight, if you find two people who are physically identical, and one of them has insurance and the other one does not, then the one without insurance, that American who has the misfortune simply not to have health coverage, that American is 40 percent more likely to die.

This bill that we are considering now to reform health care in America would end that. It covers 96 percent of all Americans. It ends this grievous national tragedy where, day after day, week after week, month after month, 122 of us die every single day because they have no health insurance.

Now, I am sure that if we learned that al Qaeda was going to launch an attack on the United States and kill 44,789 Americans at any time next year, I am sure that we would do anything in our power to prevent that. I submit to you we should do the same about this. We should do exactly the same here, because we face the same threat. It is a less visible threat, it has gone on for generations, but it is a threat nevertheless. If you don't let people see the doctor, then a certain number of them are going to die.

To bring this point home in the face of united opposition by that side of the aisle, what we have done is something very simple. The Urban Institute has published the number of uninsured people in each district, each congressional district in this country. The American Journal of Public Health has told us what percentage of those uninsured people will die next year because they have no health insurance. So what we have done is very simple. We have taken one number and the other number, and through the magic of multiplication, we know how many of those people will die, and I think it is time we called attention to that.

So what we have done is for each Republican Member, since they are united in opposition to this bill, and apparently proud of it, for each Republican Member we have identified in each district the number of dead.  They are as follows:

Alabama District 1, Congressman Jo Bonner, 114 dead.
Alabama District 3, Congressman Mike Rogers, 88 dead.
Alabama District 4, Congressman Robert Aderholt, 114 dead.
Alabama District 6, Congressman Spencer Bachus, 69 dead.
Alaska, Congressman Don Young, 128 dead.
Arizona, District 2, Congressman Trent Franks, 150 dead.
Arizona District 3, Congressman John Shadegg, 132 dead.
Arizona District 6, Congressman Jeff Flake, 140 dead.
Arkansas District 3, Congressman John Boozman, 151 dead.
California District 2, Congressman Wally Herger, 139 dead.
California District 3, Congressman Daniel Lungren, 68 dead.
California District 4, Congressman Tom McClintock, 77 dead.
California District 19, Congressman George Radanovich, 124 dead.
California District 21, Congressman Devin Nunes, 159 dead.
California District 22, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, 110 dead.
California District 24, Congressman Elton Gallegly, 75 dead.
California District 25, Congressman Howard McKeon, 124 dead.
California District 26, Congressman David Dreier, 85 dead.
California District 40, Congressman Edward Royce, 125 dead.
California District 41, Congressman Jerry Lewis, 144 dead.
California District 42, Congressman Gary Miller, 74 dead.
California District 44, Congressman Ken Calvert, 150 dead.
California District 45, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, 181 dead.
California District 46, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, 78 dead.
California District 48, Congressman John Campbell, 74 dead.
California District 49, Congressman Darrell Issa, 151 dead.
California District 50, Congressman Brian Bilbray, 103 dead.
California District 52, Congressman Duncan Hunter, 84 dead.
Colorado District 5, Congressman Doug Lamborn, 107 dead.
Colorado District 6, Congressman Mike Coffman, 69 dead.
Delaware, Congressman Mike Castle, 90 dead.
Florida District 1, Congressman Jeff Miller, 130 dead.
Florida District 4, Congressman Ander Crenshaw, 116 dead.
Florida District 5, Congressman Ginny Brown-Waite, 200 dead.
Florida District 6, Congressman Cliff Stearns, 152 dead.
Florida District 7, Congressman John Mica, 143 dead.
Florida District 9, Congressman Gus Bilirakis, 129 dead.
Florida District 10, Congressman Bill Young, 138 dead.
Florida District 12, Congressman Adam Putnam, 133 dead.
Florida District 13, Congressman Vern Buchanan, 160 dead.
Florida District 14, Congressman Connie Mack, 159 dead.
Florida District 15, Congressman Bill Posey, 152 dead.
Florida District 16, Congressman Thomas Rooney, 165 dead.
Florida District 18, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, 199 dead.
Florida District 21, Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart, 195 dead.
Florida District 25, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, 195 dead.
Georgia District 1, Congressman Jack Kingston, 123 dead.
Georgia District 3, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, 102 dead.
Georgia District 6, Congressman Tom Price, 100 dead.
Georgia District 7, Congressman John Linder, 156 dead.
Georgia District 9, Congressman Nathan Deal, 159 dead.
Georgia District 10, Congressman Paul Broun, 120 dead.
Georgia District 11, Congressman Phil Gingrey, 113 dead.
Idaho District 2, Congressman Michael Simpson, 126 dead.
Illinois District 6, Congressman Peter Roskam, 73 dead.
Illinois District 10, Congressman Mark Kirk, 55 dead.
Illinois District 13, Congresswoman Judy Biggert, 45 dead.
Illinois District 15, Congressman Timothy Johnson, 67 dead.
Illinois District 16, Congressman Donald Manzullo, 69 dead.
Illinois District 18, Congressman Aaron Schock, 62 dead.
Illinois District 19, Congressman John Shimkus, 67 dead.
Indiana District 3, Congressman Mark Souder, 119 dead.
Indiana District 4, Congressman Steve Buyer, 85 dead.
Indiana District 5, Congressman Dan Burton, 73 dead.
Indiana District 6, Congressman Mike Pence, 104 dead.
Iowa District 4, Congressman Tom Latham, 54 dead.
Iowa District 5, Congressman Steve King, 59 dead.
[[Page H12352]]
Kansas District 1, Congressman Jerry Moran, 86 dead.
Kansas District 2, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, 80 dead.
Kansas District 4, Congressman Todd Tiahrt, 87 dead.
Kentucky District 1, Congressman Ed Whitfield, 113 dead.
Kentucky District 2, Brett Guthrie, 102 dead.
Kentucky District 4, Geoff Davis, Congressman, 83 dead.
Kentucky District 5, Congressman Harold Rogers, 130 dead.
Louisiana District 1, Congressman Steve Scalise, 111 dead.
Louisiana District 2, Congressman Joseph Cao, 98 dead.
Louisiana District 4, Congressman John Fleming, 115 dead.
Louisiana District 5, Congressman Rodney Alexander, 132 dead.
Louisiana District 6, Congressman Bill Cassidy, 105 dead.
Louisiana District 7, Congressman Charles Boustany, 112 dead.
Maryland District 6, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, 68 dead.
Michigan District 2, Congressman Peter Hoekstra, 71 dead.
Michigan District 3, Congressman Vernon Ehlers, 76 dead.
Michigan District 4, Congressman David Camp, 83 dead.
Michigan District 6, Congressman Fred Upton, 87 dead.
Michigan District 8, Mike Rogers, Congressman, 63 dead.
Michigan District 10, Candice Miller, Congresswoman, 64 dead.
Michigan District 11, Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, 64 dead.
Minnesota District 2, Congressman John Kline, 44 dead.
Minnesota District 3, Congressman Erik Paulsen, 43 dead.
Minnesota District 6, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, 50 dead.
Mississippi District 3, Congressman Gregg Harper, 117 dead.
Missouri District 2, Congressman Todd Akin, 48 dead.
Missouri District 6, Congressman Sam Graves, 74 dead.
Missouri District 7, Congressman Roy Blunt, 120 dead.
Missouri District 8, Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, 110 dead.
Missouri District 9, Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, 78 dead.
Montana, Congressman Denny Rehberg, 179 dead.
Nebraska District 1, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, 61 dead.
Nebraska District 2, Congressman Lee Terry, 68 dead.
Nebraska District 3, Congressman Adrian Smith, 69 dead.
Nevada District 2, Congressman Dean Heller, 172 dead.
New Jersey District 2, Congressman Frank LoBiondo, 71 dead.
New Jersey District 4, Congressman Chris Smith, 65 dead.
New Jersey District 5, Congressman Scott Garrett, 52 dead.
New Jersey District 7, Congressman Leonard Lance, 45 dead.
New Jersey District 11, Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, 44 dead.
New York District 3, Congressman Peter King, 42 dead.
New York District 26, Congressman Christopher Lee, 40 dead.
North Carolina District 3, Congressman Walter Jones, 100 dead.
North Carolina District 5, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, 97 dead.
North Carolina District 6, Congressman Howard Coble, 103 dead.
North Carolina District 9, Congresswoman Sue Myrick, 82 dead.
North Carolina District 10, Congressman Patrick McHenry, 101 dead.
Ohio District 2, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, 69 dead.
Ohio District 3, Congressman Michael Turner, 78 dead.
Ohio District 4, Congressman Jim Jordan, 74 dead.
Ohio District 5, Congressman Robert Latta, 59 dead.
Ohio District 7, Congressman Steve Austria, 73 dead.
Ohio District 8, Congressman John Boehner, 70 dead.
Ohio District 12, Congressman Patrick Tiberi, 66 dead.
Ohio District 14, Congressman Steven LaTourette, 58 dead.
Oklahoma District 1, Congressman John Sullivan, 125 dead.
Oklahoma District 3, Congressman Frank Lucas, 128 dead.
Oklahoma District 4, Congressman Tom Cole, 121 dead.
Oklahoma District 5, Congresswoman Mary Fallin, 155 dead.

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