Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Republican Plan to Further Devastate the Economy: No Money for Unemployment Compensation while forcing America to borrow $700 Billion for the Fat Cat Tax Boondoggle.

On the day he was sworn in, 11/29/10, Illinois' new Senator, Republican Paul Kirk, said that extending unemployment benefits would be "misguided" but pledged to extend the Fat Cat Tax Boondoggle for taxpayers reporting income above $250,000 a priority "no matter what."

Who exactly are these Fat Cats for whom the Republican Party is hell-bent on serving while risking the economic integrity of the Republic? I am just guessing a look at the who's who from Republican fundraising lists will give us an insight.

Thanks to Crooks&Liars "karoli" for compiling this list of Fat Cat contributors to the Republican Governors Association, along with how much money they gave, on their site:, http://crooksandliars.com/.

•Sheldon Adelson, Nevada Hotel Guy, neocon extraordinaire $1,000,000

•Bob Perry, Texas Developer. Total this quarter: $3.5 million; Total year to date: $4 million

•Paul Singer, Hedge Fund manager, Elliott Management Total this quarter: $1,509,899; Total year to date: 2,009,899

•William Powers, Pacific Investment Management $250,000

•James Bruner, President United Contractors Midwest $150,000

•Philip Geier - Advisory Services $100,000 YTD: $200,000

•Richard Hayne, Urban Outfitters, Inc $100,000

•William Koch, Oxbow Group (FL) $100,000

•Sean Feiler, Equinox Partners, LP $50,000 YTD $100,000

•Donald Trump: $50,000
If this is a representative sample then you have to ask yourself whether it is worth borrowing $700 Billion to give The Donald, Hedge Fund Managers, and Investment Managers an extension of a tax cut. Isn't it time these patriotic Americans ponied up and started paying their fair share of the burden. After all, the economic policies that led to the Great Recession favored them, not the unemployed.

Remember those bonuses paid out of TARP funds? The FAT CATS who took the taxpayer money are among the folks that Republicans want America to go further into hock over. Why? Well those FAT CATS are shelling out big bucks in campaign cash. The Center for Responsive Politics' OpenSecrets.org calls them Heavy Hitters.

Here is the list OpenSecrets.org has compiled of Heavy Hitters, those who gave at least $50,000 to federal candidates during one or more election cycles, see the page with links at: http://www.blogger.com/goog_1209505492

Contributor Organization

Alchin, John R. Comcast Corp

Amstein, Peter Microsoft Corp

Andreas, Dwayne O. & Inez Archer Daniels Midland

Angelakis, Michael J. & Christine Comcast Corp

Appelman, Barry Time Warner

Baker, Charles A. III DLA Piper

Bernstein, Matthew & Barbara DLA Piper

Bible, Geoffrey & Sara Altria Group

Blanchard, James J. & Janet A. DLA Piper

Boggs, Timothy A. Time Warner

Bovin, Denis A. & Terry Bear Stearns

Brendsel, Leland & Diane Freddie Mac

Brennan, Robert E. Credit Suisse Group

Brinson, Gary P. & Suzann A. UBS AG

Broad, Eli & Edythe American International Group

Bronfman, Edgar M. Jr. & Clarissa A. Vivendi

Buchholz, Carl M. & Karen D. Comcast Corp

Burch, Stephen A. & Nora Linstrom Comcast Corp

Burke, Stephen B. & Gretchen H. Comcast Corp

Bushkin, Arthur A. & Kathryn A. Time Warner

Chalsty, John S. & Jennifer A. Credit Suisse Group

Chancellor, Steven E. & Terri L. Lehman Brothers

Chernin, Peter A. & Megan News Corp

Christie, Todd J. & Theresa M. Goldman Sachs

Cohen, Davil L. & Rhonda R. Comcast Corp

Collerton, Anthony Lehman Brothers

Cook, Daniel W. III & Gail B. Goldman Sachs

Corzine, Jon S. & JoAnne D. Goldman Sachs

Daly, Robert A & Carole Bayer Sager Time Warner

Daschle, Thomas A. & Linda H. DLA Piper

Dawkins, Peter M. & Judith W. Citigroup Inc

de la Cruz, Carlos Sr. & Rosa Anheuser-Busch InBev

De Muro, David A. Lehman Brothers

DeVos family Amway/Alticor Inc

Dimon, James & Judith K Citigroup Inc

Ehrlich, Alexander S. & Cheryl UBS AG

Ellis, Steven J. & Amy C. Wachovia Corp

Eychaner, Fred Newsweb Corp

Fife, Eugene V. & Luann L Goldman Sachs

Flatley, Daniel K. Credit Suisse Group

Flom, Jason R. & Wendy K. Time Warner

Fogg, Joseph G. III & Leslie K. Morgan Stanley

Freidman, Stephen & Barbara B. Goldman Sachs

Fuld, Dick & Kathleen Lehman Brothers

Gallo, Gregory M. & Penny H. DLA Piper

Gelb, Richard L. & Phyllis N. Bristol-Myers Squibb

Gianopulos, James N. & Ann T. News Corp

Gilburne, Miles R Time Warner

Glass, David & Ruth Ann Wal-Mart Stores

Godhwani, Anil & Jyoti Time Warner

Goldfarb, Dave & Sharon Lehman Brothers

Gramm, Phil & Wendy L. UBS AG

Grano, Joseph J. Jr. & Kathleen J. UBS AG

Greenberg, Maurice "Hank" American International Group

Grubman, Jack B. & Luann Citigroup Inc

Haskell, John H.F. Jr. UBS AG

Heidorn, George E. Microsoft Corp

Heimbold, Charles A. & Monika A. Bristol-Myers Squibb

Hennessy, John M. & Margarita Credit Suisse Group

Hobbs, Franklin W. & Linda B.R. JPMorgan Chase & Co

Hobbs, Franklin W. & Linda B.R. UBS AG

Hoglund, Forrest E. & Sally Enron Corp

Horn, Alan F. & Cindy H. Time Warner

Howard, John D. & Lorna M. Brett Bear Stearns

Jaech, Jeremy & Linda Microsoft Corp

James, Hamilton E. & Amabel B. Credit Suisse Group

Johns, Paul M. Microsoft Corp

Johnson, Theodore C. & Linda Microsoft Corp

Kamen, Harry P. & Barbara MetLife Inc

Katzenberg, Jeffrey & Marilyn Walt Disney Co

Kies, Kenneth J. & Kathleen PricewaterhouseCoopers

Kimsey, James V. Time Warner

Knott, Kerry A. & Michelle Morgan Comcast Corp

Koch, Charles G. & Elizabeth Buzzi Koch Industries

Koch, David H. & Julia F. Koch Industries

Korn, Douglas R. & Elizabeth Berns Bear Stearns

Korologos, Tom C. & Ann M. DLA Piper

Krueger, Harvey & Constance Lehman Brothers

Lane, L. W. Jr. & Jean Time Warner

Lay, Kenneth L. & Linda P. Enron Corp

Leonsis, Ted J. & Lynn Time Warner

Lerner, Alfred & Norma MBNA Corp

Lessing, Stephan & Sandra Lehman Brothers

Lewis, Drew & Marilyn Union Pacific Corp

Lindner family American Financial Group

Lindner, S. Craig & Frances R. American Financial Group

Liss, Jeffrey F. & Susan DLA Piper

Lorentzen, Ruthann Microsoft Corp

Malcom, Ellen R. EMILY's List

McDonnell, James S. III & Elizabeth H. Boeing Co

Menschel, Robert B. & Joyce F. Goldman Sachs

Merrigan, John A. DLA Piper

Meyer, Ronald M. Vivendi

Miller, Lee I. & Suzanne K. DLA Piper

Moodispaw, Leonard E. & Sandra Northrop Grumman

Mulford, David C. & Jeannie S. Credit Suisse Group

Mullen, Donald R. Jr. & Katarina Bear Stearns

Murdoch, Rupert & Wendi News Corp

Murphy, Philip D. & Tammy S. Goldman Sachs

Neidich, Daniel M. & Brooke G. Goldman Sachs

Olson, Lyndon L. Jr & Kathleen W. Citigroup Inc

Ostin, Morris & Evelyn Time Warner

Overlock, Willard J. & Katherine S. Goldman Sachs

Palmer, John N. & Clementine B. MCI Inc

Parsons, Richard D. & Laura Time Warner

Paul, Laurence E. Credit Suisse Group

Paulson, Henry M. Jr. & Wendy Goldman Sachs

Peacock, David A. Anheuser-Busch InBev

Penner, Gregory B. & Carrie Walton Wal-Mart Stores

Perlman, Stephen G. Microsoft Corp

Phillips, Earl N. Jr. & Sallie B. General Electric

Plaster, Steve R. & Shannon Wachovia Corp

Plumeri, Joseph J. & Nancy W. Citigroup Inc

Raikes, Jeffrey S. & Patricia Microsoft Corp

Rehr, David K. & Ashley National Assn of Broadcasters

Reiner, Robert & Michelle S. Time Warner

Roberts, Brian L. & Aileen K. Comcast Corp

Roberts, Ralph J. & Suzanne F. Comcast Corp

Rose, Matthew K. & Lisa Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp

Rose, Robert N. & Yvette T. Bear Stearns

Rosenwald, E. John Jr. & Patricia Bear Stearns

Ross, Steven J. & Courtney S. Time Warner

Rothman, Tom & Jessica News Corp

Rubin, Robert E. & Judith O. Citigroup Inc

Rubin, Robert M. & Robin K. W. American International Group

Saban, Haim & Cheryl News Corp

Saban, Haim & Cheryl Saban Capital Group

Sacerdote, Peter M. & Bonnie L Goldman Sachs

Schreyer, William A. & Joan L. Merrill Lynch

Schwartz, Eric S. & Erica Goldman Sachs

Schwartz, Marvin & Donna Lehman Brothers

Semel, Terry & Jane M. Time Warner

Senser, Jerrold K. & Naomi R. New York Life Insurance

Shaw, Gregory L. Microsoft Corp

Shaye, Robert & Eva EMILY's List

Shell, Jeffrey S. & Laura Comcast Corp

Shephard, John E. Jr & Jill Northrop Grumman

Siegel, Herbert J. & Ann L. News Corp

Singer, Paul Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Skilling, Jeffrey K. & Susan L. Enron Corp

Smith, Lawrence S. & Christine J. Comcast Corp

Spector, Warren & Margaret Whitton Bear Stearns

Spix, George A. Microsoft Corp

Sternberg, Sy & Laurie New York Life Insurance

Tedrick, Thomas National Rifle Assn

Thain, John A. Goldman Sachs

Van Andel, Jay & Betty Amway/Alticor Inc

Vradenburg, George & Patricia L. Time Warner

Walton, S. Robson & Carolyn F. Wal-Mart Stores

Wasserman, Lew R. & Edith Vivendi

Weinstein, Harvey & Eve Walt Disney Co

Weisel, Thomas W. Bank of America

Wellde, George W Jr. & Patrica A. Goldman Sachs

Wells, Frank G. & Luanne C. Walt Disney Co

Wigmore, Barrie A & Deedee Goldman Sachs

Winkelman, Mark O. & Dorinda P. Goldman Sachs

Witten, Richard E. & Elizabeth H. Goldman Sachs

Wolf, Robert J. & Carol S. UBS AG

Yager, Dexter R. Sr. & Birdie Amway/Alticor Inc

Young, George III & Adina Lehman Brothers
Well, I am certain that Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling are no longer Heavy Hitters. The question is how many of the rest of these folks are birds of a feather with the Lay's and Skilling's? You will see a lot of FAT CAT bankers on Kenneth Feinberg's list of TARP recipients whose banks gave out bonuses on the taxpayer's dime.

The Middle Class Tax Break is for the first $250,000 of income for everyone. These FAT CATS don't need an extension of any tax cut beyond that $250,000 income limit, they need to pay up.


  1. Amway is a scam: http://texsquixtarblog.blogspot.com/

  2. Tex picked up on one couple of Heavy Hitters in particular, Dexter & Birdie Yager.

    Tex is involved in litigation with Amway. Dexter and Birdie are the leaders of most all Amway downlines.

    Tex has posted an ongoing history of the lawsuit with Amway.

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