Saturday, November 20, 2010


The Republicans' "Debt Retirement" fundraisers continued with Florida's Representative-elect' breakfast at the Capitol Hill Club. The suggested shakedown is: $2,500 for a PAC Host; $1,000 for PAC; and $500 Individual per contribution. The checks should be made payable to: Dennis Ross for Congress - 104 Hume Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301. See,

According to the Center for Responsive Politics' Ross did not have a debt problem. His last report showed a surplus. He raised $1,063,311, spent $853,157, and as of October 13th had cash on hand in the sum of $210,152. He reported no debt at all. See,

Ross has hired Epiphany Productions to run this event. Ross paid Epiphany Productions more than $35,000 during his campaign for fundraising consulting. What Epiphany Productions promises to do for their clients is detailed on their web site. Apparently Ross bought the package that:

Our fundraising team will work with you to establish parameters for your campaign. From individual events to long-term donor programs, we will develop a finance plan that includes timelines tied to funding goals and a structure to provide donor benefit fulfillment. epiphany will also draw upon our proprietary database to identify and solicit potential donors. List development is important, and we work closely with our clients to establish and maintain donor files. We help you meet your goals. See,

New York's Republican Representative-elect Richard Hanna is not going to miss his chance to cut a fat hog with the so-called "Debt Retirement" fundraiser. Hanna's having a lunch for this purpose. He's asking for $1,000 per PAC and $500 per individual. See,

The report on him says he wasn't reporting debt as of 10/13/10. He raised $1,026,570, spent $843,536, and had cash on hand in the amount of $354,000. The invitation refers to Hanna's fundraising organization Catalyst Group, LLc. Hanna spent more than $22,000 on the Catalyst Group RW during his campaign for fundraising and campaign strategy consulting. The website is not yet up and running.

Pennsylvania's Republican Representative-elect Tom Marino's "Debt Retirement" event on December 7th at the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters. It's a luncheon. The suggested shakedown is kind of pricey. Marino wants $5,000 from Benefactors, $2,500 from Sponsors, $1,000 per Host, and $500 from Individuals.

Marino ran a relatively low budget campaign and did report debt. According to he raised $549,558, spent $517,246, had cash on hand in the sum of $32,312, and had incurred a debt in the amount of $15,614. See,

In keeping with his low outlay campaign it appears that Marino did not retain the services of one of D.C.'s hired guns. The checks are to be made out to his campaign committee. The price is high but it looks like Marino won't be paying any commission on the receipts.  Good for him.

Adam Kinziner, the Republican Representative-elect from the Illinois 11th had a Debt Retirement breakfast yesterday at the Capitol Hill Club.  Kinzinger is another Epiphany Productions production and was looking to hit the cash rich in a big way.  PAC could contribute either $5,000, $2,400, or $1,000, individuals were asked to cough up $500. showed Kinzinger having raised $1,589,266 . spent $1,282,176, with cash on hand in the amount of $291,051.  Kinzinger wasn't reporting debt  as of 10/13/10.  See,

Francisco "Quico" Canseco, Texas' Republican Representative-elect also decided to feed at the Debt Retirement trough.  He had a reception at the Capitol Hill Club where PACs and individuals each chipped in $1,000 for the privilege of being there. Canseco is using D.C.'s Bellwether Consulting Group.

The most honest Republican newby to date is Quico Canseco.  He piled up debt big time in his run for the House. says he raised $1,227,610, spent $1,111,989, had cash on hand in the amount of $147,961, and he reported debt in the staggering amount of  $1,148,750.  See,   


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