Friday, November 26, 2010


Where have all the Republicans Gone? Some are on their way to Miami to sing that Campaign Party Time Song. Speaking of Party Time, special thanks and acknowledgement to the Sunlight Foundation's PARTY TIME and their work at documenting the Political Partying Circuit.

Republican Representative John Campbell from California's 48th is headed to Miami for a post-election trip. He's not alone. Republican Representative Phil Gingrey from Georgia's 11th, Republican Representative Tim Murphy from Pennsylvania's 18th, and Republican Representative John Shimkus from Illinois' 19th are headed there as well.

Campbell wants the checks made out to Campbell for Congress - The Gula Graham Group. Gingrey's invite said to write the check to Gingrey for Congress - The Gula Graham Group. Murphy tells us to send payment to Murphy for Congress - The Gula Graham Group. You won't be surprised that remittance for Shimkus is to be directed to Volunteers for Shimkus -The Gula Graham Group.

Only Representative Campbell is offering a bargain at suggested contributions of $2,500 PAC and $1,500 per Individual. For the rest of these Republicans it's $2,500 PAC and $1,500 per Individual.

The Gula Graham Group proclaims themselves to be a leading Washington, D.C. Republican fundraising and political consulting group. From the Senate their client list includes South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, New Hampshire Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte, Indiana Senator-elect Dan Coats, and the Alaskan still trying to recount votes Joe Miller.

Other than the gang headed to Miami, their House clients include South Carolina Representative Gresham Barrett, Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, Alabama Representative-elect Mo Brooks, Kentucky Representative Geoff Davis, South Carolina Representative-elect Jeff Duncan, Tennessee Representative-elect Chuck Fleischmann, Pennsylvania Representative Jim Gerlach, Missouri Representative Sam Graves, Kentucky Representative Brett Guthrie, California Representative Duncan Hunter, Missouri Representative-elect Billy Long, Michigan Representative Thaddeus McCotter, South Dakota Representative-elect Kristi Noem, Michigan Representative Mike Rogers, New Jersey Representative-elect Jon Runyan, South Carolina Representative-elect Tim Scott, Indiana Representative Marlin Stutzman, and Kentucky Representative Ed Whitfield.

The "triple G" also represents leadership PACs which include Senator DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund PAC, Representative Barrett's Palmetto Freedom PAC, John Campbell's OCPAC, Representative Davis' Ranger PAC, Representative Gerlach's Keystone PAC, Representative Gingrey's DOC PAC, Representative Graves' Show Me PAC, Representative McCotter's Champions of American Freedom PAC, and Representative Murphy's Comeback PAC.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics'  The Gula Graham Group gets paid a lot of money, as one would expect. During Campaign 2010 the Miami bound gang paid as follows: Representative Gingrey - $76,317, Representative Campbell - $70,321, Representative Murphy - $104,225, and Representative Shimkus - $214,731.

That ain't bupkis!

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