Monday, June 21, 2010


This is Lynn Jenkins, she does not represent us

Homes in America account for over 20% of America's carbon pollution.. Existing technologies and practices can cut home energy use by up to 40%. The HOME STAR ENERGY RETROFIT ACT of 2010, H.R. 5019, addresses making America's homes more energy efficient, and produce American jobs in the process. This bill is a win win!

Home in America account for 20% of our Carbon Pollution

This legislation, more than anything, is about jobs. When enacted and funded, Home Star will create 168,000 new jobs here in the United States. These are jobs that won't be outsourced overseas. They are construction jobs in our neighborhoods and our communities. And they're manufacturing jobs for workers at factories in America. Nearly one in four workers in the home construction and services industry has been laid off. Passing Home Star says, ``Help is on the way.'' according to Representative Ed. Markey a Massachusetts Democrat, one of 44 cosponsors to this bill introduced by Vermont Democrat Peter Welch.

Home Star will establish a rebate program for the installation of energy-efficient home upgrades. These rebates will encourage homeowners to hire contractors to install new, efficient heating and air conditioning, to insulate their homes, and to replace drafty windows and doors. It's an approach that can benefit every contractor in this country, from small independent businesses to contractors associated with large home improvement store chains.

There appears to be a strong correlation between money and votes

Republicans speaking on the floor of the House against H.R. 5019 include Florida's Cliff Stearns who has received $256,544 from Electric Utilities during his career on the Hill. OpenSecrets.Org,, says he has taken $336,400 from the Energy and Natural Resources Companies.

Next up is a California career politician Republican Thomas Miller McClintock II. He, like Lynn Jenkins, is a freshman member of the House having been elected in 2008. During this abbreviated career McClintock has taken $88,300 from the Oil and Gas Industry, and is credited with taking more than $106,600 from the Energy and Natural Resources sector of the economy. See,

Then came Ohio's two term Republican Representative Bob Latta. OpenSecrets.Org says, , he has gotten $40,500 from Electric Utilities and $37,500 from Oil and Gas. He's credited with a total take from Energy and Natural Resources sector with a haul of $88,600.

Now comes the Minority Leader, Representative Tom Boehner of Ohio. Here's a man that's been sucking on the corporate teat for a long time. According to OpenSecrets.Org,                                                         , he has gotten to the Electric Utilities for $432,030 and Oil and Gas for $258,350. He's added over $896,000 from the Energy and Natural Resources sector. That's a lot of money!

California's 7 term Democratic Representative Anna G. Eschoo summed up the bill: " At its heart, the bill is simple--it will provide rebates to homeowners who make energy efficiency improvements to their homes. But the effects of this simple legislation will be anything but modest. Homeowners who participate in the rebate program will purchase American energy efficiency products and employ American workers to install these products, creating almost 170,000 jobs in the construction and clean technology industries."

Oh, in those 14 years she's gotten only $125,100 from the Energy and Natural Resources sector. She didn't take enough from Electric Utilities or Oil and Gas to even register on OpenSecret.Org's charts, Follow the money baby, follow the money.

Compare Representative Eschoo's 14 year total to Lynn Jenkins' 2 year total. Jenkins has taken, $95,350 from Oil and Gas, and totaling $118,700 from the Energy and Natural Resources Sector,

Now guess how Lynn Jenkins voted. Follow the money baby, follow the money. She voted no on you being able to lower your utility bill, no to Americans going back to work, no to reducing carbon pollution. That was roll call number 255.

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