Saturday, June 5, 2010


H.R. 1106, the Helping American Families Save Their Homes Act passed the House by a vote of 234 to 191. This bill offered American families a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures, modification of residential mortgages, specified how TARP funds can be used to help with mortgage modifications, and established a nationwide mortgage fraud task force. Lynn Jenkins, on roll call 104, voted against H.R. 1106.

H.R. 1362 is the bill authorizing the Federal Water Pollution Control Act for 2009. In apparent contradiction to the work Lynn Jenkins did to provide relief for the residents of Treece, Kansas and their polluted water, she voted against this bill on roll call 123. The measure passed with broad bipartisan support 317 to 101.

The GIVE Act, Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, came up as H.R. 1388. This is now Public Law 111-13. This law strengthens and expands service learning programs for America's children & provides a mechanism for retired professionals and those over 55 to volunteer and assist these kids. This bill is a plus for seniors and it is a plus for children. H.R. 1388 passed the House by a vote of 321-105 on roll call 140. Lynn Jenkins voted no standing against seniors and children. She affirmed her negative position in roll call 169 where the House concurred in the Senate amendments to the GIVE Act.

Lynn Jenkins never saw a Golden Parachute she didn't like. H.R. 1664, and the title says it all: "To amend the executive compensation provisions of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to prohibit unreasonable and excessive compensation and compensation not based on performance standards." This is another attempt to reign in Wall Street Fat Cats giving themselves big paychecks and bonuses on the taxpayers dime. Lynn Jenkins voted against us and for the Wall Street Fat Cats on roll call 247.

H.R. 1256, now Public Law 111-31 gives the Food and Drug Administration regulatory authority over tobacco. The title of the measure is the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. Lynn Jenkins voted with the big money of the Tobacco Industry and against giving the government authority to regulate a dangerous product. On roll call 187 Lynn Jenkins voted against children, families, and our health while voting for big business. The vote was 298 - 112.

As local governments are trying to balance budgets H.R. 1139, the COPS Improvement Act, was passed by the House to enhance the COPS ON THE BEAT program. The House passed this bill with a huge majority of 342 to 78. Lynn Jenkins, of course, voted against local law enforcement in roll call 206. The measure required a two thirds vote and got it.

In recent times society has recognized the need to identify and prosecute hate crimes. H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, speaks to this issue. The House passed H.R. 1913 by a vote of 249 to 175 in roll call 223. Jenkins voted no. Who knew she'd be against local law enforcement?

H.R. 627 the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights Act, now Public Law 111-24, took two votes to pass the House. Senator Tom Coburn, [R] Ok, got the Senate to pass an amendment to not enforce gun laws in National Parks. In roll call 276 Lynn Jenkins voted against credit cardholders and for big banks. In roll call 277 she voted for the Coburn amendment.

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