Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is Lynn Jenkins, she does not represent us.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture is an Agency of the Department of Agriculture. Created in 2008 it is tasked with consolidating all federally funded agricultural research. That makes good sense, which is why Lynn Jenkins asked for $1,000,000 for grain sorghum research, $500,000 for pre-harvest food safety$500,000 for water conservation,$1,000,000 for wheat genetic research, and $2,000,000 for polymer research to be included in the FOOD SAFETY ENHANCEMENT ACT OF 2009, H.R. 2749, as earmarks. Those are all probably good ways to spend taxpayer money and get a chunk of it spent in Kansas.

Lynn Jenkins voted against the bill containing her own earmarks! She voted against the FOOD SAFETY ENHANCEMENT ACT twice. First on roll call 657 and then on roll call 680. Now she can tell farmers and agri-business that she got them their earmarks. From the other side of her mouth she can continue to rail against all this government spending. She should not be taken seriously by either side.

Lynn Jenkins Loves to Vote to Keep Golden Parachutes

H.R. 3269 the CORPORATE AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTION COMPENSATION ACT OF 2009 gives stockholders rights some teeth when it comes to executive compensation and golden parachutes. This bill gives the Securities and Exchange Commission authority to make rules regarding these compensation packages. Lynn Jenkins loves those golden parachutes. Again she votes to keep exorbitant executive pay packages and those golden parachutes they way they are. In roll call 686 Lynn Jenkins voted against H.R. 3269.

Lynn Jenkins voted against Student Loans

Lynn Jenkins voted against the bill to provide for student loans. The STUDENT AID AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILTY ACT, H.R. 3221 provides that savings in federal spending that are generated, and not otherwise allocated, by this Act to be made available for federal deficit reduction. That's sounds like a good idea. The bill funds student loans and grants, which is good because a lot of people are out of work and need to re-train to get new jobs. This bill simplifies the Student Financial Aid Form and Reforms the Student Loan Program. It provides for grants to modernize, renovate, and repair our public schools. Every state is having a tough time with the education budget, and here's some help. When she voted against this bill she also voted against the DEFUND ACORN ACT. Now that's ironic! I don't understand Lynn Jenkins, I just know she doesn't represent us. Her no vote came on roll call 719.

Lynn Jenkins voted not to defund ACORN???

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