Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Observation

While perusing the internet, purloining photos for this blog, I happened across a friendly face. It turns out the face belongs to the Very Reverend Rebecca McClain, Executive Director of the national Church Deployment Office of the Episcopal Church. Beyond the friendly face, what got my attention was a section heading about this lady in an article from the Episcopal News Service Archive,  It read: "Creating radical hospitality, an 'expansive future.'" This remarkable statement came from a member of the Clergy who has been serving in Arizona.

I've been thirsting for some Good News from Arizona for a long time. As I've heard when it rains it pours and when its dry its drought. The Very Reverend Rebecca McClain has busted an Arizona drought.  Of course that was back in '05 and I understand that she has now moved on to the greener pastures of Seattle.

We'll be exploring her ideas later.

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