Friday, June 18, 2010

Sean Tevis' Plan to Save America (maybe even the world)

Sean Tevis, aspiring to be a Congressman, web designer, & cartoonist

Sean Tevis is about to announce a way to Save America. It appears from the Pitch Blog,, that Tevis wants to novel his ingenious plan on the Treaty Clause of the United States Constitution, Article II § 2.

I think Sean Tevis has a great idea, great motive, and great energy. I think Sean Tevis is a great guy. I am concerned that his idea doesn't have a leg to on.

Tevis said that he wants to legislate about issues like health care reform by creating a virtual health care nation that would enter into a Treaty, the way the Federal Government legislates in regards to Native American Nations.

My concerns are that any such Treaty would die a slow death in the United States Senate and that no court will buy the idea that a virtual health care nation is a real nation, or and more importantly, such a nation would not be recognized as a nation for Treaty Clause purposes.  And that's assuming a President would choose to negotiate such a Treaty.

Treaties are like contracts that exist between internationally recognized sovereign states. We don't a Treaty to get a public option for Health Care. We need more progressive Democrats in the House and Senate.

Sean Tevis may have misinterpreted the source code of the United States Constitution. He's thinking outside of the box. I like it when Democrats come up with good ideas, even if they need a little tweaking.

Sean Tevis will make the race in Kansas' Second Congressional District very interesting.

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