Saturday, June 12, 2010

THE CASE AGAINST LYNN JENKINS CHAPTER 7: Risking Clean Energy, Family Budgets, and Homeland Security

This is Lynn Jenkins, she does not represent us.

The SOLAR TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP TECHNOLOGY ACT. H.R. 3639, is a bill directing the Secretary of Energy to conduct a program of research, development, and demonstration of, among a long list, solar technology including photovoltaics, use of solar for heating and cooling buildings and for hot water, concentrating solar power, solar for lighting systems, manufacturability of low cost, high quality solar energy systems, identify opportunities for coordination with partner industries such as those for semiconductors, lighting, energy storage, Smart Grid, and wind that can benefit from similar advances, and for recycling photovoltaics to minimize adverse environmental effects.

 Lynn Jenkins and the GOP voted against Solar Technology Roadmap

This is a green energy bill that helps America transition into clean renewable energies. The bill passed with unanimity, right? Wrong. Lynn Jenkins, who claims she's in favor of an all of the above approach to solving our energy problems is not in favor of clean, renewable, and made in America solar technologies. She voted against this measure on roll call 807.

The CARD ACT put the brakes on bad banking behavior.

Have you noticed how things are going better with your credit cards these days? Don't thank Lynn Jenkins, she voted against the EXPEDITED CARD REFORM FOR CONSUMER'S ACT. This measure was implemented after the CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTABILITY RESPONSIBILITY AND DISCLOSURE ACT, the CARD ACT, became law. Lynn Jenkins voted against the CARD ACT twice.  She voted no on roll call 228, then she voted no on roll call 276, a vote to resolve the differences between the House and the Senate so both bills are passed exactly the same.

She voted to resolve the differences with Senate Amendment §512. That was the amendment that said we will not enforce gun laws in National Parks. So to see it clearly she voted with the Big Banks. Senate Amendment §512 has diddly to with credit cards.

Back to H.R. 3639. After the CARD ACT became Public Law many credit card companies raised interest rates and decreased credit limits on their consumers before the effective date of the new law. The banks were gouging the consumers as hard and as fast as they could. That seems to be okay with Lynn Jenkins. After all its your credit cards not hers!

Lynn Jenkins voted against Chemical Plant Security

We are all against terrorism and we are all dedicated to doing what it takes to keep America safe. Then why the no vote from Lynn Jenkins on an important piece of domestic security legislation? H.R. 2868, the CHEMICAL AND WATER SECUIRTY ACT is divided into three parts. Title I deals with security at Chemical Plants. Title II applies to Drinking Water security. Title III focuses on Wastewater Treatment Plants security .Jenkins voted against keeping our Chemical Plants, Drinking Water, and Wastewater Treatment security on roll call 875.
Lynn Jenkins voted against Water Plant Security.

She voted for amendments offered by Republicans and against the lone amendment offered by a Democrat. She voted for the Barton Amendment which would preempt states from establishing stricter standards, roll call 870. She voted for the Dent Amendment that would have struck chemical facilities from the bill, and kept chemical facilities under the Department of Homeland Security's current regulatory authority. So if its broke don't fix it! That was roll call 871. On the second Dent Amendment, roll call 872, she voted to strike §2111, requiring assessments and implementation of methods to reduce the consequences of a terrorist attack. She voted for the McFaul Amendment trying to take the Citizen Enforcement section out of the bill. That was roll call 873. Finally on roll call 874 she voted to kill the bill with a Motion to Recommit with Instructions.  All of the Republican measures to weaken the bill failed.


  1. Excellent research. You need to be running against her!

  2. Three persons filed for the Democratic Party's nomination to challenge Lynn Jenkins, should she survive her party's primary.

    Cheryl Hudspeth of Girard. Her website is

    Thomas Koch of Leavenworth. His website is

    Sean Tevis of Olathe. Yes, I know that Olathe is not in the Second District. Max Skidmore taught us that Representatives to Congress need only reside in the state, absent a state law to the contrary. His website is: From the photo of Darth Vadar riding a cat, his website does not appear to be updated. There is an interesting countdown to June 18th appearing.

    Sean Tevis will make this an interesting campaign. Thomas Koch brings a lifetime of experience and reminds us that it is more about the issues than the personalities. Cheryl Hudspeth rounds out the field with a resume of service and a huge dose of humanity.

    State Senator Dennis Pyle of Hiawatha is running on the Republican ticket to unseat Jenkins in the primary. He's running to her right. I didn't know there was any room left on that side. Seems like Jenkins has been veering hard right with the GOP leadership in the House.